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HDVE is a global car exporter, specialising in sourcing VAT Qualifying RHD vehicles in the UK and exporting worldwide at competitive rates. Established in 2019, HDVE have sourced and exported luxury vehicles for exclusive customers and dealerships all around the world.

Trade Enquiries

Trade enquires welcome from traders outside of the EU

Global Exporting

Through our network of logistics companies we have exported vehicles to every RHD country in the world 

VAT Qualified

All vehicles are RHD and VAT qualifying, ready to be exported immediately

Vehicle Sourcing

We source the latest models of prestige super cars, so you can avoid the long waiting list from dealerships


Save 20% by purchasing a UK car TAX FREE. If you are a customer from a NON European Union country wanting to permanently export a VAT Qualifying vehicle from the UK, we can reclaim the VAT on your behalf and invoice you minus the 20% VAT. NO additional or hidden charges - shipping and all export documents are included in our price.

Our Recent Exports

Vehicle Sourcing

We specialise in sourcing VAT Q supercars from the UK. We can source it, fast and hassle free

Vehicle Exporting

HDVE Ltd ship vehicles from the UK to all right-hand-drive countries, worldwide

Vehicle Shipping

We offer the most competitive pricing on the market and handle

all the export documents 


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Brands We Can Source

Need Assistance? Get In Touch


+447725673448 or +447740406665


About Us

About Us

Since inception, HDVE have always specialised in sourcing and exporting prestige and supercars. We help our clients avoid the long waiting times faced via traditional dealerships and can ship VAT qualifying cars immediately.


The exceptional level of service we offer is responsible for building our unrivaled reputation in vehicle acquisition and distribution. We provide our international clients with complete peace of mind through our tailor-made marine insurance policy. 

Our extensive knowledge and experience in the industry enable us to offer expert advice on all areas of the international motor vehicle market.


Over years we have positioned ourselves at the centre of a reliable network of well established suppliers, manufacturers and logistics companies. We source the most exclusive new and used vehicles and export them around the world. Simple.

Customer Feedback

“HDVE customer service were exceptional throughout the process of exporting my car from the UK out here to Cyprus - a special thanks to Natalie who kept me posted every step of the way and for answering all my questions"

Henry Kemp, Cy


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