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How It Works

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​Our Quick, Hassle-Free Process

What Vehicle Do You Require ?

We will source the vehicle to your exact specifications ensuring it is Vat Q and for the best price. A member of our team will be in contact all the way through the sourcing process.


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Choose the Best Payment Method for You

Save 20% VAT by purchasing a UK car tax free. We will purchase the vehicle on your behalf from the UK dealer and invoice you minus VAT. This way the hassle of reclaiming VAT is handled by us, so you don't have to worry! You can pay us directly in any currency.

Shipping to Destination

From the moment we collect your car we ensure it is carefully transported buy one of our reputable logistics companies. Our team will ensure a safe and speedy transit to the delivery location in any country. Marine insurance is in place until the car reaches its destination port.

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Collect your vehicle!

Ahead of arrival, a spare key and relevant export paperwork will be couriered to your door, meaning you have everything you need to collect your vehicle the second it lands!

​HDVE Take Care of Every Step of the Process for You!

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